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A windows onto Rural Areas

“Follow me, I will not waste. Your project for a sustainable future”

“Seguimi io non spreco. La tua immagine per un futuro sostenibile”

The Ministry for Agriculture, Food and Forestry Policies (MiPAAF) in cooperation with the National Rural Network (NRN) and the National Institute of Agricultural Economics (INEA) launches the Call for proposals for the RuraLand Award Seguimi io non spreco. La tua immagine per un futuro sostenibile – “Follow me, I will not waste. Your project for a sustainable future”, a competition aimed at promoting proper use of natural resources.

The initiative is intended to raise civil society awareness on the issues related to “waste” in all its forms, in particular on the proper use of natural resources (water, energy, biodiversity, air, soil, landscape, forests) consistently with the objectives of the RuraLand communication campaign. The Participants should be able to give effective and original interpretation of the theme related to “waste” in line with the four challenges of the Rural Development: proper management of water resources, biodiversity protection, energy efficiency, climate change mitigation and adaptation.

Participants may only submit one project, one photo or one drawing in JPEG format. The image quality should not be less than 3 megapixels and the file should not exceed 2Mb. Participants are allowed to use image synthesis techniques and computer graphics programs. The images and drawings must include, under threat of exclusion, in such a way as to be clearly visible, the colour image of the RuraLand campaign logo (“Tree Man”, illustration by Beppe Giacobbe), downloadable here.

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Ruraland. A window onto rural development

Education, awareness and digital innovation for young students – future European citizens – active and aware

Rural areas are subject to changes due to the changing global economy and international consumption, to the pressure on soils and natural resources that challenge social and economic organizational models historically established. The on-going transition stimulates reflection on the value of common goods and on the role civil society may play.   

“Ruraland. A window onto Rural Areas” is an education and awareness campaign promoted by the Ministry for Agricultural Food and Forestry Policies and supported by the European Union. The project aims to contribute to the process of cultural and environmental growth and to create a link between institutions and schools across the country. 4 projects are included in this campaign and different languages, according to the target, are used with common objectives.

  1. Creating a knowledge-based society focused on the concept of rural world, raising students awareness on the importance of agriculture and on a more attentive management of natural resources and production of environmental goods and services of collective interest, as well as on the employment opportunities offered by rural areas.     
  2. Making students the subject of a change towards a sustainable future.

Water, biodiversity, climate and energy are the four key words of this project, which offers an educational program in the classroom and on the field, with educational and recreational workshops and multimedia tools. Each project included a 3-stage training (the pilot stage, the project development at local level and the national competition) in order to introduce children to the policies’ challenges and opportunities that they can take advantage of and grab in the areas they live.     
To date, we have built a network of schools and universities, involving more than 80,000 students.
If this first stage was aimed at “bringing the rural world in schools”, we are now working to “bring schools (students – people) in remote rural areas”. To this end, we are involved in the development of tanks  (the digital platform “Ruraland” = us), agreements with the central and local government and with the partnership, in order to bring the world of agricultural production closer to schools and universities.

The Project

“RuraLand. A windows onto Rural Areas” is an initiative that easily marries the dimensions of the European Strategy 2020, and can be defined good practice within this policy. For the first time, the policy of rural development addresses schools, activating communication directed at kids.

RURALand proposes didactic and pedagogical methods to transfer the contents of the policy; a group of actions which can:

  • inform and train project users (students and teachers);
  • provide information concerning the challenges faced by rural areas;
  • clarify how the reaction of rural areas has concrete effects on those inhabiting urban areas;
  • promote attentive behaviour to sustainability by encouraging a sense of responsibility in even the youngest.

Indeed, the project transmits and explains concepts of the rural world by making its numerous implications clear: it is the place where raw materials are produced for our food but it is also a producer of other things such as environment, air, water, landscape. It is therefore important to keep it healthy and clean.

Some data related to rural4kids

With the pilot project, awareness amongst 274 kids have been raised. More than 100 classes could participate in thematic events and fairs

The national competition involved as many as 50 thousand schools.

Rural4teens is a project addressed to kids in lower secondary schools.

Rural4Youth, the pilot project, awareness amongst 500 young students have been raised.

The aim of the project is to develop in children, particularly those who live in a urban context, a culture for rural areas, to understand the importance of diversity and the role that each one of us can play through being aware and behaving respectfully towards all form of life.

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